Agent Smith | Bugging over 25 million android devices

Agent Smith

Agent Smith

Agent Smith malware assaults genuine applications and changes over them into vindictive reproductions. This imitation shows the maker’s modified promotions.

As per Check Point Software Technologies, Agent Smith has assaulted 25 million Android gadgets by introducing an application from an informal Android store.

These applications draw in others by offering highlights like a photograph watcher, game, or grown-up application that misrepresent content that can without much of a stretch harm your gadget. To begin with people will be gotten with appealing highlights, and when you’re prepared to introduce them, the first application will be harmed and “smith operator” introduced on the gadget.

This application is too great to even think about hiding and carries on like a Google utility, a Google Update, a Google Update for you or “” and shrouds the genuine client symbol.

By utilizing the Google Updater cover, the framework does not perceive the guilty party and enables him to supplant the application by adding code to execute malware directions.

All things considered, this Android client has no clue about this destructive factor. The client sees an ordinary looking application with unmistakable advertisements. Curiously, when these merciless applications control advertisements for genuine applications, hack them through expert programmers and make cash by sending them to a promotion intermediary.


Agent Smith


The story does not end here. Agent Smith is known for his hostile ads, however, analysts have discovered that they can be utilized to take mystery data from a financial balance.

Its uniqueness to hide and hand over its personality for an ordinary application enables the client to be fruitful from multiple points of view.

What does “Agent Smith Do”

Agent Smith

Presently we should discuss a mainstream outsider application store whose cover is being utilized by Agent Smith. This App Store is 9Apps and is focused on clients in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. As the disease is across the board, clients from Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Australia, Nepal and the United States of America likewise approach.

There is a not insignificant rundown of uses for the exploited people where WhatsApp, Lenovo, and Flipkart, similar to applications, are incorporated into the rundown.

Agent Smith was first detailed in 2016, his first home was the 9Apps Store.

Specialists from the Check Point group “reports these risky applications to Google when they are found. As of now, all custom applications have been expelled from the Google Play Store.”

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