Avantree Wired Headphone Design and Performance

Avantree Wired Headphone


The Avantree Audition wired Bluetooth Headphones, offer low audio latency and sound, and are foldable with a clean dual-tone finish. The Avantree wired Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones are made up of very lightweight materials which do not weigh down your head. Also, storing the headphones is easy to do because they are foldable and come with a hard case for moving around. They have a built-in bass boost to adjust the audio for gaming, music, movie or TV choice. They have an easy one-touch pairing with NFC (Near Field Communication). The Headphones have soft protein leather ear-pads and adjustable headband for excellent comfort. They also have a dedicated 3.5 mm line input, for use with wired audio sources. It can connect with two phones at the same time and never miss a call. Fit and finish are good, they’re lightweight and design is awe-inspiring.

Avantree Wired Headphone


Avantree 40 hrs wireless Bluetooth headphones have excellent quality and performance. These models also have a high-quality microphone with additional functionality. As the battery life of your Bluetooth headset is very important to know. Avantree 40 hrs wireless headphone has long battery life. The recommended duration of battery life is that which can extend for over 6 hours.  The headphones also have interchangeable speaker cushions so that users can have the best options when using their gadgets.  Avantree 40 hrs Bluetooth headphones need smartphones or tablets to access the voice command. Through this feature, users can also do other things and can make their life easy. These headphones have long-time music up to 40 hrs. They have additional audio line input which can be used when the battery is low. The frequency response is 20 Hz-20 kHz. So overall The Avantree wired Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones has many amazing features and benefits. They come with a carrying case, which has good quality and is easy to carry around.

Final Words:

It will give more comfort and pleasant experience without any issues of sound quality. This headphone is best in this price tag. You can buy them from Amazon.


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