Best Laptops for Music Production in 2020

best laptops for music production

Best Laptops for Music Production

As in this day and age, many digital audio workstations (DAW) are available for a studio setup, but we are looking forward to best laptops for music production which provides a much more compact, portable production solution.

Although we can use any laptop for music production here in this article, we will help you find out the best possible choice for choosing music production laptop under our budget based on the operating system, processor, RAM, and hard drive. MacBook Pro may be the default option for many of us, but it’s also possible that one is more comfortable with window-based laptops.

First of all, we should find out the minimum requirements of the most famous music software to run smoothly on our laptops. We should confirm that the computer we are going to choose should meet all the needs of our favourite music software.

Best Laptops for music production:

Apple 15’’ MacBook pro:

best laptops for music production

MacBook Pro is the most mainstream brand when it comes to laptops. It is a popular product providing high-end technology and features, and for that reason, it is labelled as the best music production laptop.

OSmacOS Mojave
CPU6-core Intel Core i7
RAM16GB  and 32 GB
Display15.4 inches, 2,880 x 1,800 Retina display
Storage256GB SSD and 4TB SSD

This is the latest apple product with 32GB of RAM which will help us uploading as many tracks we want smoothly with crippling our system. This laptop is providing us the impressive 10 hours of battery life as a bonus.

Dell XPS 13(2019):

best laptops for music production

Dell XPS 13 counts in best laptops for music production from the past three years coming out with new updated version each year, and the original 2019 version is no different. This new version adds new features to trim down the time it takes to process the tracks, and this will minimize the downtime.

OSWindows 10
CPUIntel Core i7
RAM8GB  and 16GB
Display13.3’’ 4k ultra HD
Storage256GB SSD and 1TB SSD

Unfortunately, you won’t find out storage drive more than 1TB, but when you get a laptop that looks and works this good and runs your favourite music software smoothly, its worthy one.

Surface Pro 6:

best laptops for music production

Surface Pro 6 is a powerful alternative laptop for music production and providing plenty of connections for connecting music equipment. Microsoft makes improvements in all the areas we were hoping for, including hardware update which will boost up the performance.

CPU8th -gen Intel Core i7
RAM8GB  and 16 GB
Display12.3’’ 2,736 x 1,824 PixelSense display
Storage256GB SSD and 1TB SSD

This is 2-in-1 convertible laptop may lack USB-C port, but if you are looking for the best music production laptop, that should not matter.

Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701:

best laptops for music production

Asus  ROG Zephyrus S GX701 has 6-core Intel processor, and the latest graphic card from Nvidia. Due to its brilliant performance, this laptop is labelled as the best laptop for gaming. It can be the best choice for music production because of its performance and its lightweight.

CPUIntel Core i7-8750H
RAM8GB  and 16 GB
Display7.3’’ FHD PixelSense display
Storage1TB SSD

But before choosing this laptop to be warned that this is a costly laptop if you are looking for budget affordable laptop checkout the next.

Apple MacBook 12-inch (2017):

laptops for music production

This Apple MacBook is the most affordable laptop than all of the above laptops with maximum performance. Apple has updated the processors with Intel’s 7th– gen, which will give you better performance and long battery life with thin and slim design as MacBook is already famous for this incredible thing.

OSmacOS Mojave
CPUIntel Core i7 1.4GHz
RAM16GB  and 32GB
Display12 inch, (2,304 x 1,440) IPS 16:10
Storage256GB SSD and 512GB SSD

If you are a Mac lover and can’t afford MacBook pro, then this laptop can be the best option.

Final Words:
These are some best laptops for music production if you are looking for budget gaming laptops check out our other article. These laptops come in the category of pro laptops as the specs are very high.


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