DxOMark Audio ranking | Google Pixel 4 ranks in Top 5

DxOMark Audio ranking

DxOMark Ranks Google Pixel 4 in Top 5

We all know about DxOMark which well known for ranking smartphone cameras. Recently DxOMark added audio ranking to their list. Google Pixel 4 comes with dual stereo speakers they are remarkably impressive. Pixel 4 achieved overall 5th ranking and 3rd in the list of android smartphones whereas Apple iPhone XS and 11 pro-MAX are still above them. Team DxOMark reviewed about 10 phone audio capabilities. According to them, this test includes about 20 hours of testing this test also includes recording tests. After the results, Google Pixel 4 achieved a higher audio playback score than the recoding score. As compared to other flagship devices base as found to be lacking a little.

DxOMark Audio ranking


DxOMark Audio ranking results told that microphone picked up music, rock and electronic music much better than spoken words as the new transcribing Recording app was launched in Google Pixel 4, Recording of 63 was below some of the competition.

From the results, it is obvious that the recording area still needs some improvements but it is also true that the overall experience is good. Still, Google Pixel 4 is an excellent device in all areas providing better results and experiences as compared to many other flagship models available in the market right now.

We can not say that this is a definite answer is worth noting but not something solid to rank the device on the basis of recording. It is quite a noticeable thing but does not count that much. Pixel 4 is above in many other features video recording and the selfie camera is just excellent and can compete with any other flagship phone in this price range.

Final Words:

What are your opinions about this test? If you are using Google Pixel 4 then you must share your experience with us and drop your comments below about this. Read other tech news.


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