Facebook Paid Third-Party contractors to transcribe users’ Audios

facebook listening to audios

Facebook paid contractors:

Facebook has become a more prominent name, and its popularity is increasing day by day. However, recently a piece of news came out “Facebook paid hundreds of outside contractors” to listen to users voice messages without their knowledge.

These contractors were paid to listen to the private messages of the users. They didn’t give any explanation about why they are doing this. The contract employees don’t know where these audios came from or where it was recorded. The people said that they are hearing Facebook User’s conversational, which sometimes include vulgar content, but they don’t know why Facebook is doing this.

Later after some time, Facebook acknowledges to Bloomberg that they are doing this only because these transcriptions were used to test the ability of their automated speech recognition system. Facebook data policy, which was revised last year, does mention the “collection of content, communication, and other information” it doesn’t refer to audio recordings. Moreover, the social media giant said that they had stopped this thing and they are no longer doing this.

The Irish data protection Commission said this activity is the violation of EU’s privacy rules. During pre-marketing trading in New York, social media joints were down by 1.3%. Later Facebook confirmed that they had been listening to user’s private audio messages but said they would not do this more.

Big companies in the world like Google Inc. and Apple Inc. also doing this to improve the software’s both the companies confirmed that they are no longer doing this. However, Amazon said that they would give the users an option in which it will be asked to give their audios for human reviews or not they can disable this feature by themselves. If they disable it, we will not have any access to their voice recordings.


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