Facebook to rebrand Instagram and Whatsapp

It is confirmed that Facebook is going to rebrand Instagram and Whatsapp. That’s right! Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp as we all know and now they are all set to rebrand Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook has notified the Employees of Instagram and Whatsapp about this change. These two applications will be rebranded as “Instagram from Facebook” and “Whatsapp from Facebook”

A Facebook spokesperson said:

“We want to be clearer about products and the services that are part of Facebook”.

facebook rebranding instagram and whatsapp

It is expected that these three platforms will work together as from the past few years a large number of audience is gained by these three platforms. But Facebook is not getting many credits from the growth of the other two Platforms Instagram and Whatsapp. This new “from Facebook” name will be available inside the app users will see it when they get the login to their accounts. The main reason for rebranding these two apps is to get more growth and credits to Facebook.

The Information directly confirmed the rebranding of these two apps. But they did not mention anything else about it. We need to wait for a little more in order to get the official statements out. Stay tuned with us to get latest updates about Tech World. Don’t forget to read about Google’s New OS.

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