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Fuchsia OS

Everyone knows about Google’s Android OS, Duo OS, Allo and Chrome OS. From past some time, there are many rumors about Google’s New OS. Recently Google admitted that they are working on a new OS which is going to be called “Fuchsia OS”. NEWS about this new OS was released on September 2016, but during that time there was no prototype released to test it or check it by yourself. We have given the apk link and installation method below to try Google’s New OS “Fuchsia OS”. You don’t need any root to install it.

What is Fuchsia OS?

It is the new upcoming OS from Google. Operating System for mobiles based on Magenta. It is Google’s Microkernel and it is faster and more powerful than Linux. In Future Google may Replace android OS with Fuchsia OS but there is no official statement yet.

Fuchsia OS

How to download Fuchsia OS?

Kyle Bradshaw, a developer from Hotfix took the main UI files of this OS from Google’s Fuchsia OS GitHub page and developed an APK for the purpose of testing it on android device. Name of this apk file is Armadillo which can be downloaded easily like any other apk file without the need of any root.

Installation Method:

  • Make sure you have enabled downloads from unknown sources.
  • Download the Armadillo apk file from below-given link.
  • Click the apk file and install it.
  • To Access Google now cards swipe up from the bottom. (In this OS it has material design and very professional look).
  • Swipe from bottom to top and you will find all the applications. It is similar to Google’s Android OS applications Tab.


This new Google’s OS “Fuchsia OS” is still under development. You may not enjoy all the features of this OS yet because it is just like the dummy developed by a developer to check it’s Interface because no stable version of this OS is out yet. But as soon as some stable version comes out you will get an update about it on this site. More tech new.

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