Laptop vs PC for video editing | Which one is best?

Video editing

Laptop vs PC for video editing

Video editing and other creative work demand more powerful systems than average tasks performed by a person on a computer like web browsing, word processing, watching movies etc. Yet, whether a laptop or a desktop, both can be best for your work, so read the article until the end and check out which one is a better option for you.

Reason to choose a desktop:

No doubt that so many peoples are looking for a perfect, specialised and optimised system for video editing that can save their time, a lot of frustration, and in the long term, lots of money.

Why choose a computer when you have one of the best laptops for video editing? And indeed today’s laptop is also powerful enough for video editing, but you still get the best performance and result from a desktop computer, with the added benefit that it can be upgraded much easier than of laptop. The desktop allows you to upgrade your system with time and your working preference.

Video editing

If you are using professional video editing software applications like adobe premiere, adobe after effects, and final cut pro for editing videos or doing any type of creative work, you’ll need powerful system so that it doesn’t hang when dragging audios, photos and video clips, rendering, importing or exporting, and finalizing a footage. Especially, when working on high-resolution videos.

While choosing a computer system for video editing, you should first decide what video editing software you prefer. Obviously, if you prefer to work on Final Cut Pro X, then you’ll have to go for Mac. Or if you are more comfortable with Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere, go for a PC.


While building your own PC, it should always be in your mind that for professional editing, you can never have enough RAM or memory. For full-HD video editing, 16 GB of RAM is recommended. When handling 4k videos, you should for at least 32 GB of RAM. Use the latest motherboards that support the CPU with a maximum available number of cores. Also, don’t forget about using SSD and graphics card, it helps boost efficiency in a major way.

 Reason to choose a laptop:

Laptops are just like mobile phones and easy to carry. When you have a laptop, you can edit your videos anywhere you want rather than waiting to return home to a desktop. Some editing tasks may require a more powerful system. Like you can trim small clips with a laptop, to work with raw HD or 4K videos.

Video editing

While choosing a laptop for video editing, you must consider some factors. Go for a laptop with 4K screen if you can afford it, best graphic cards available(NVIDIA or AMD), minimum RAM of 8GB, storage of at least 256GB SSD, Intel Core i5-i7 CPU, long battery life and it should light in weight.


MacBook Pro with touch will be the best laptop for video editing. It comes with the faster Intel Core i7 CPU, a more power Radeon GPU, and brighter and colourful display. But if you are window user then Dell XPS 15(2019) is the best available option for you.


Conclusion of the article is that if you a traveller, vlogger or YouTuber and want your video to edit while moving around then a laptop is a best for you. But, if you are dealing with high resolution and lengthy videos then go for a desktop. Check out the best laptops for music production.




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