Lucky Patcher APK
Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky patcher is an application for android devices. Its main function for which it is designed is to patch different apps developed for android and to define modified APKs without using root access. It is also known as universal correction tool. The main benefit which people get from lucky patcher APK is they modify the applications according to their choices like deleting adds, delete automately or manually the license check, and permission management etc.

Lucky Patcher APK

It is also used to unlock paid features for free for example if you want to upgrade to the latest paid version of the app you would be able to unlock that feature free of cost by using lucky patcher APK. For More APK

Unlock paid features

Lucky patcher APK has a major function which might help everyone using android phones, tablets etc.

The usage is very easy and in a few minutes you will upgrade your system or apps by using this version of APK launcher.

Following steps are involved in this process:

  • The very first step is to launch the free APK version of lucky patcher.
  • Give root access to it.
  • At this step you can minimize the Lucky patcher and open the app you are willing you upgrade to the paid or professional version.
  • Go to section where purchases are mentioned and click the pro version.
  • At this step after you have clicked to buy that version instead of google app store lucky patcher window will be opened and you will see the option that “do you want to try this version for” as you click on yes you will be ready to use the non-rooted version.
  • Done! This is it you will now be able to use the free version of the app.

There are multiple other methods to perform this task using lucky patcher but this one is the easiest and is completed in less amount of time.

Lucky Patcher APK

Eliminate Google ads from Apps

Another important function being performed by using lucky patcher is eliminating ads which are shown by google into your apps while you are indulged into your apps and get extremely annoyed by the useless and unimportant ads.

Following steps are Involved in this Process:

  • First and foremost, root your device.
  • Install lucky patcher apk.
  • Whenever you see any add in your app it is the right time to remove that annoying ad.
  • Just open your lucky patcher app.
  • You will see all the installed apps list in lucky patcher. Click the app from which you want to remove google ads permanently.
  • Then you will be able to patch that app
  • And after a while all ads will be removed from your app.

Eliminating in App Purchases:

We all know that about 75% apps available at google play store are free but there are certain apps which are free for trial usage and in order to use the pro version of the same app you will have to purchase those versions by paying sometime e and sometime a heavy amount.

Following steps are Involved in this Process:

Initially it is similar to that of unlocking features but at the step to choose unlock you will select patch to the in app purchases

After that you will reboot your system

Repeat the process

You are now ready to use these expensive versions for free.

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