Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date, Specification & Price

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo switch lite release date:

Nintendo is a well-known video game company of japan famous for its Nintendo Switch game consoles. In 2019 March about 38 million Nintendo switches are shipped to the US only. Nintendo Switch is a great and most popular edition of console beating sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox because of its unique design and features. Nintendo Switch is like a video game you can play games without any monitor or game controller with this console. Moreover, you get numerous other options with this game you can make it a console or a handheld video game. Switch Lite Release Date is confirmed.

Nintendo Switch Lite:

Nintendo Switch is a bit expensive and may cost you around $299. So a more affordable version of this Switch is going to launch which is going to call Nintendo switch lite. A litter version of this switch. Switch lite is only handheld video game because you don’t get an option to plug it to your tv. It also means that some switch games may not work on this handheld version. This new switch seems more like a handheld video game to replace 3DS/2DS with 720p graphics. Controllers are attached to the sides you can not remove them or use them as a separate mini-game controller. It is cheaper in price so you will get less functionality with this switch.

Switch Lite Release Date


It comes in 5.5-inch touch screen(original console comes in 6.2-inch touch screen) it will give you 20-30% better battery life than the original console. Solid-Body without detachable Joy-Con controllers. There will be no IR sensors as it is a handheld version of the original console. A kickstand is also missing. This Nintendo switch lite will come with a proper D-pad as in other switch models it is missing. But the good thing is Joy-Cons will still be compatible with switch lite. RAM is 4GB same as original console.

Difference between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite:

  • Screen size is smaller than the original console it will come in 5.5 inches.
  • Permanently attached controllers (original console controllers are removable)
  • D-pad is available on the left side (no d-pad on original console)
  • This switch lite version can not connect to TV or monitor.
  • Screen resolution is 1280 x 760p.
  • Battery life is much better than the original console and can last up to 6 hours with 3 hours of charging from zero to full.
  • It is equipped with 32GB internal storage (same as an original console) but it is expandable with microSD.
  • Switch lite uses Nvidia Tegra GPU same as original console.
  • It will come with stereo speakers.
  • USB-C charging enabled.

Colors of Nintendo switch lite:

It will come in three colors:

  1. Yellow
  2. Grey
  3. Turquoise

It will launch in these 3 colors but special edition will also come in various countries with limited sale time which may start from November till the end of the same month.

Switch Lite

Design and Ratio:

This switch is smaller in size from original console and dimensions are 3.6” x 8.2” x 0.55”. It also weighs less about 0.61lbs in switch lite and original console weighs 0.88 lbs. Because of the smaller size, it comes with a smaller screen size. As it is designed as a handheld version so the design is made on the basis of handheld version. It is more compact and smaller in design.

Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date

Supported Games:

Games will need to support the handheld version to play on switch lite there is no specific list of games given by the company which supports switch lite but some game requires the joy-con to play and such switch games will not be compatible with switch lite. Games like the 1-2 switch are not playable on this device but do not worry most of the games play on both. Moreover, this switch lite version of the original console does not work with Nintendo’s dock.

Tabletop games will work on this device but for them, you need to have a separate controller to play which needs to connect wirelessly to Nintendo Switch Lite. But some games like Super Mario, Room Minigames are not yet designed for the shape of Nintendo’s switch lite so the players will not have the same experience. Although according to Nintendo “some games will have restrictions”.

Nintendo Switch Lite Release date:

This lite version of Nintendo Switch will release on 20 September 2019 in various countries around the world. It will cost you 199$ a 100$ less from the original console. Pre-orders are also available for yellow, grey and turquoise models but Pokémon special edition model of Nintendo Switch Lite will launch on November 8, 2019. So if you are a Pokemon fan then it is worth to wait.

Our Opinion:

This handheld version of Nintendo Switch contains almost every feature like original console but if you are a hardcore game player then this handheld version is designed for you because some games may not work on Nintendo Switch Lite and Joy-Con’s are permanently attached you can not remove them. It is almost 100$ less from original Console but it also lacks some important features as we have mentioned above. This game console is actually for kids because it is a handheld version only. You can pre-order the Switch Lite from their official site




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