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PUBG Mobile APK for PC

Pubg Mobile APK for PC is one of the most famous and widely played games throughout the world. It’s on the number one ranking in the online gaming category. As time is passing more and more players have started playing PUBG mobile. It is now considered in the top 10 best selling video games of all times.


Pubg Mobile APK provides new season every two months with plenty of new outfits, weapon skins and much more. They introduced Zombie mode in season 7 release and later on Deathmatch which was equally liked by all PUBG Mobile APK users. You can buy Season RP for epic outfits and skins. They also introduced Pubg prime class which offers to buy outfits through BP. Check out APK Mod method for Mortal Kombat 11…


PUBG Mobile APK Season 8 is expected to come out from 18-22 July. The PUBG Mobile Season 8 release is expected to include a range of new content and the next build of the game, which will be available to download. Data-miners are sharing news of outfits which include a new shrimp skin, complete with hood and shorts, as well as an Ocean Mariner mask and Swamp Horror skin. The Elite Pass Plus will be introduced once again for Season 8 and comes with its own set of rewards which will be listed by Tencent. Inclusion of PP-19 new SMG is now confirmed which will be available in Vikendi and Erangle Map. Another update includes a High Frame Rate option added to HDR mode for some Good Devices.

PUBG Mobile APK for PC

  • Season 8 has New and Fancier interface
  • PP-19 Bizon SMG introduced
  • Kill will have a bigger effect on overall rating and ranking
  • Visual Interface of results and tiers have been improved
  • Tier rules have been revised
  • New moves and dances
  • The entire Season 8 outfit will be available at Gold tier.
  • Play 5 matches in Diamond tier to get Season-exclusive weapon skin.
  • Reach Crown or above to get a special team-joining effect and name tags.
  • Reach Ace or above to get a permanent season title.

PUBG Season 8 will make the game even more interesting and willing to play. Fans and PUBG lovers can’t wait for the next season and new update. If you must also try PUBG Mobile APK.

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