PUBG Mobile Latest Update and Future Plans

pubg mobile update

PUBG Mobile Latest Update:

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a mobile entertainment application. It is a multiplayer battle game developed by the PUBG Corporation. PUBG Corporation is subservient of the South Korean video game company named BlueHole. The 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale inspired the game.

In this era of technology, PUBG has become a massive distraction for users from their busy life. Millions of people are playing PUBG around the world. May update have also been made to the game to turn it into the best version of it. Fortunately, PUBG is still ranking as the first played game of all time.
Lets now discuss the new PUBG Mobile Season 8 update. This update has overwhelmed the fans. The users gave an incredible response because they are getting some fresh content and features to try out. Let’s see what Tencent (Tencent is a Chinese enterprise responsible for making applications and entertainment stuff for users) has made for the millions of users.
The new update has brought up some excitement for the users, i.e. new rewards and events in the game. Let us discuss the latest plans of Tencent on the games changes and updates in 2019.
The two old versions of the game continue to offer the same kind of content, but they both cater to different audiences. To get rid of this query, the director James Yang was called.
Regarding the updates in the game made in 2019, questions were asked from the Tencent Esports Director James Yang. Among many of the issues, it was impossible to answer all of them. In the other case scenario, it was impossible to answer any of them before the actual update. Yang said: “PUBG Mobile has proven to be an extremely high-quality, enjoyable franchise that satisfies a large player base around the world,”.

pubg mobile update

According to Yang:

“Since its launch, we have published more than ten versions with over 1,000 updates, due to the unique environments of different countries and regions for which we provide special optimizations and adjustments.

Source: PUBG Mobile UPDATE:

“We’re continuing to work on and develop new, exciting content that refines the PUBG Mobile experience to meet players’ expectations”.
“These include balancing PUBG Mobile’s global and local marketing approaches, addressing the regional needs and culture of players and understanding the unique aspects of each marketing environment.”

Source: PUBG Mobile UPDATE

There is also a chance of divergence of PUBG mobile from the PC version of it. This is the primary purpose of the update.
Questions were asked regarding this and James replied:
“PUBG Mobile and PC versions both share the same vision and values of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds IP,” yang explains. “For PUBG Mobile, the team focused on delivering the original PC version’s core excitement to mobile platforms.
“We’re in a fortunate position where the PUBG Mobile team can learn from the game’s successes on other platforms and vice versa. Moving forward, we will benefit from being able to improve the PUBG Mobile experience using these resources.
“No matter how the upcoming updates are conducted, our goal is always to provide the best gaming experience for our players.” Source: Express

Final Words:

One confirmed update of the new version is the High frame rate of the game. Moreover, James pointed out that plenty more crossover events and Esports tournaments are in the works.
PUBG is a game for both Android and IOS users. With the evolution in technology, there are many more chances of better changed and updates in PUBG in the future. You can download the PC version.


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