Samsung announced new SSD drives with fingerprint Scanner

Samsung SSD drives with fingerprint Scanner

Samsung SSD drives with fingerprint Scanner:

Samsung just announced that it will release an external hard drive with a fingerprint scanner. Yes, you are reading correctly a fingerprint scanner. There are some drives already available in the market with this unique feature but they are not that much popular because of their local name in the market. The buyers are not sure about the performance so they usually don’t buy such things from an unknown brand or company. As Samsung just announced that they will soon launch an external hard drive with an ability of fingerprint scanner for extra security. This thing is obviously these drives are going to be very popular in no time.

According to Samsung this pocket size portable SSD drives going to be very fast in speed to give the best experience of using it and spending your money on it. This is the first time Samsung has launched such a thing. They also mentioned that it will reach its maximum speed when used with the NVMe interface. This drive will come with a motion LED around the fingerprint scanner that will tell you about the read or write condition of the drive.


This SSD T7 touch uses AES 256-bit hardware encryption, which keeps your data even more secure in addition to the fingerprint scanner. USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface can deliver read and write speed up to 1050 MBs and 1000 Mbs respectively. One of the amazing things about this SSD T7 is that it can support Android devices including smartphones and tablets.

This Samsung SSD T7 will be available in two colors silver and black and a variant will also come without a fingerprint scanner and it will be called “Portable SSD T7”. These drives will be available in the market in the month of March 2020 with a capacity of 500gb, 1TB, and 2tb and their price ranges are bit higher than other hard drives available in the market. But Samsung is also offering three-years of warranty with these drives. The expected price is $129.99 for 500GB and $229.99 for 1tb.


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