Samsung is making more affordable 5G Phones

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The Galaxy Note 10 will appear soon, with a completely new design and some new features, but this flagship product from Samsung will be at least as expensive as the Galaxy S10 series introduced to the market this year. And if you’re looking for the 5G Note 10 version, you’ll have to pay more.

But Samsung also does something that he has never done before; works on a brand new flagship device that will not cost as much as S10 or Note 10. In addition, this putative Galaxy A90 phone will offer 5G connectivity, as well as a 45W charging speed – a feature that did not work, was previously available on any Samsung flagship.

Leaks compared to ordinary suspects indicate that Galaxy A90 will work on the same Qualcomm processor that powers some versions of Galaxy S10 and Note 10, including 5G models. This is, of course, Snapdragon 855 – a chip found in many of this year’s flagship Android products.

Two A90 models will also be equipped with 6.7-inch displays with built-in fingerprint sensors, according to @OnLeaks, as well as cameras with three lenses. However, the camera specification will not be identical. It is also worth noting that the 5G phone will not have Tilt Optical Image Stabilization, while the 4G version will get it. Unlike other Samsung flagship products, the A90 should not be equipped with a camera facing forward. Instead, the camera with three lenses will have a rotating pop-up design that allows you to use it for self-portraits and ordinary photos. The second third, which already referred to Galaxy A90, is Ice Universe, and also mentioned the same Snapdragon SoC 855 for the phone:

Earlier leaks also claimed that Galaxy A90 will benefit from fast 45W charging, which is even faster than what the Galaxy S10 can do. We have seen conflicting rumors about the Note 10 battery charging speed. Ice claims that the Pro version of the phone can still support 45W, while the standard model only supports 25W. Having said that, we have no idea about the costs of Galaxy A90 phones or when they will be available. Meanwhile, Galaxy Note 10 has hit stores in the second half of August.