What does FaceApp doing with your information?

Faceapp security issues

Faceapp Security Issues:

Faceapp is one of the most popular and viral apps because of its unique and different feature. People are going crazy about this viral app. Every other person has this app on his smartphone. Faceapp Age filter changes your current photo and shows you how you will look in your old age because of this unique thing this app went viral. This app also tells how you looked like in your young age.

Faceapp security issues

FaceApp Challenge:

#FaceAppChallenge is started on social media and went very viral in just a few days. Many celebrities and social media users had participated in this challenge. Because of popular celebrities, this gains a huge following and users in just a few days after starting this challenge. This is a really fun thing going on social media. #FaceApp challenge is viral on everywhere on social media.

Faceapp security issues

Security Concern:

This app is developed by a Russian in 2017 but in 2019 this app gains huge success. But now people are concern about their photos that what this app might do with it. Because this app stores the photos on their cloud server. But the company said that people should not concern about this thing because they upload it on their server for temporary. Moreover, the CEO of this app said that we only upload these photos for the better performance and service so that the user doesn’t have to upload the photo repeatedly or every operation.

According to CEO these stored photos automatically delete after 48 hours. CEO also said we don’t pull any other from the user’s phone other than the photo they upload on the app and concerned authorities may check this thing with any snipping tools available on the internet. They also added that “FaceApp does not sell or share any user data with third parties”. But users are still concerned about their security that face app can do anything with there photos.

But according to Vox, they are still concerned about this issue that the company can do anything whatever they want. However, Vox also said that this is not a very valid reason to be so much worried about FaceAPP because there are many phone apps like Facebook Snapchat Instagram which access your photos.


We can only say that people should do their own research and decide what they want to do or what they think about this issue and what they are comfortable with.


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