What is the Ideal length of Youtube video?

Youtube video
Ideal length of Youtube video

The ideal length of the Youtube video

Most of the new YouTubers believe that ‘a video should be as long as it needs to be’. Well, this is a nice cliché, but it’s not exactly complete information, is it? So, how long does a video actually need to be? and what is the Ideal length of Youtube video?

Well, there are two things that matter most in my opinion, when it comes to video length. These are average audience retention and watch time, you can observe both of these things in your analytics. So, go in there and check those out.

Average audience retention just shows how long on the average person is watching one of your video or all of your videos altogether, and it’s measured in mins.

youtube average audience retention

The second one I mentioned is watch time, and this shows how long someone has watched all of your videos in total.

youtube watch time

5 best practices for Ideal length of Youtube video

Here, I want to talk about five things that you should be thinking about these stats.

  1. Always maximize retention and watch time, because longer retention is super important.
  2. Consider making longer content if it’s still good. It’s really important that you do not sacrifice quality over quantity, if you can work out a way to make longer videos while making them amazing, please go for it.
  3. Consider the genre of your video, because there is some genre out there that demand longer videos. Gaming is a good example of that. While, on another side, there is genre like tutorials, which really should be kept short. No one wants to watch a 15 minutes video on how to restart your laptop. But if you’re not making tutorials or gaming videos this wasn’t much help for you. So you should go and look at the leaders, the people you admire in your space and see what sort of lengths they are doing.
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Always experiment different length of videos, just because the leader in your space is making videos that are 6 minutes long don’t necessarily think that you can’t make a video that’s 15 minutes or 3 minutes long. Just give it a try every now and again and see how your audience reacts to it, and then go into those analytics I mentioned above and see if people are watching more or less that type of video.
  5. Have something cool towards the end of your video. Add a little bit of extra information or something that a viewer wasn’t expecting. So they will watch more of your videos.

In addition, if you make more stuff, you do have a better chance of success. And I don’t necessarily think this means you have to produce a ton of stuff,  but you do have to be regular.

What is the ideal length of the Youtube video in your opinion? How long are your videos? What length do you like to watch? Let us know in the comment section and also check out the youtube video downloader.



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