WhatsApp Developing New Desktop Version App

whatsapp developing new desktop version

WhatsApp developing desktop version app

WhatsApp Developing New Desktop Version:

Facebook-owned Whatsapp is reportedly working on Whatsapp web that would allow users across the world to use Whatsapp on PC without connecting their phones to the internet. Reliable twitter account of Whatsapp, WABetaInfo tweeted on Friday that the company is working on developing New Desktop Version Windows Platform(UWP) for PC where the user will able to use Whatsapp account even when their phone is switched off.

What is WhatsApp?

As we all know about this amazing full of features and easy to use Mobile App. This instant messaging-platform Whatsapp was released ten years ago on January 2019. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, makes video and voice calls. In February 2019 the owner to Facebook make a deal and bought a WhatsApp for $19 billion. Initially, Whatsapp was developed for mobile devices, while now it is also accessible from Windows and Mac desktop computers. The PC version of Whatsapp was established in 2015, which requires a phone to be connected to the internet. But with the new update of UWP, users will get rid of this issue.

Besides, Whatsapp also reported that they were working on a multi-platform system that would allow users to get access to their chats and profiles on different devices with the same account number. Whatsapp developing new desktop version and this multi-platform system would also allow the new UWP to synchronize the chat history and data of the same account.

Currently, Whatsapp has over 1.5 billion users around the world, and this new update will be a big deal for the company. The latest version of Whatsapp Web will work in a similar way the Telegram works. The new system is under development process, and there is no information about the launch of this newly updated app.

Final Words:

It will surely be going to help users in many regards. You don’t have your phone every time with you while you are working. So this new version which Whatsapp was developing for desktop going to provide ease to many people.


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