WhatsApp will soon drop support for older versions of iOS and Android

whatsapp will cut off soon

Older Phones Will Be Cut off From WhatsApp

Whatsapp is planning some bigger updates for the future. According to news, WhatsApp will soon drop off support for older versions of android and iOS devices. If this happens then according to reports millions of devices will lose access to WhatsApp. This News is confirmed by many well-known tech news sites. Maybe some devices have already lost the use of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp recently updated its system requirements and now according to new requirements of the WhatsApp user must have iOS 9 or above device to use Whatsapp in their iPhones and same goes for the android users must have android 3.0 or above version to use the popular messaging app. After December 31, 2019, All windows phone will lose access to the use of WhatsApp messaging.

Notable Devices:

These devices will lose the use of Whatsapp in the future which includes all Microsoft Lumia Smartphones, iPhone older than 5, HP Elite smartphones, Google Nexus One Samsung Epic 4g, Motorola Droid X and maybe all android smartphones that were launched in 2010 or earlier.

Whatsapp surprising its users with these huge changes As facebook is controlling the WhatsApp and they are also making moves to integrate WhatsApp with messenger and Instagram messages. After this, it is obvious that older devices will vanish soon in no time. As we all know WhatsApp is a popular and well known messaging app and everyone in the world is using it for different purposes. Millions of ancient devices will vanish with this move of WhatsApp.

Final Words:

If you are using older smartphones or your smartphones have older versions then it is an alarming situation for you to upgrade your mobile software or upgrade your device as soon as you can. You can also switch to some alternative app if you don’t want to change your device but we are not sure if these apps will support your device or not. Read about other tech news.


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